About us

ServerConnect is a trademark of the Swedish company IT-staden AB. The company was founded in 2009. We offer high quality hosting services with one fully owned datacenter located in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

Put your Business Online!

We helps small, medium, and large businesses gain the edge over their competition with great Support and immediate technical assistance. Our plans are not only affordable but put your business online in a secure and efficient environment. With reliable dual-core processors in all servers, our on-demand Web Hosting Solutions will give you everything you need to get started. Managed Dedicated Solutions provided by ServerConnect assure that your machine runs smoothly, receives daily care, and will outperform any host out there.


Our datacenter is located in middle of Sweden, connected to primary backbone in stockholm. As a new customer, we welcome you to the fold instantly and you can be sure that any problems you may have will be handled quickly and efficiently. As none of our technicians are outsourced, you can be assured that we are not cutting corners to try and save a few bucks.